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HUGE spoiler for the next House episode. You've been warned.


"Stacy and House do indeed get physical…a kiss leads to a romp in the hay. Stacy wants to leave Mark and go back to our favorite curmudgeon, but House believes the match won’t work out, because of something emotional he’s lacking, and turns down Stacy’s offer.

Oh dear! Well, at least this leaves him free to pursue Cameron, or as many fans would prefer, Wilson!"



Hanbun no Tsuki wo Noboru Sora Preview

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Even though the subject is fairly depressing (two hospitalized kids who fall in love, then one dies), this series still looks good enough to watch. And it's only six episodes, which is a definite plus - that hopefully means little to no filler and not too much melodrama. Then again I could be wrong, but it still looks worth watching. Let's hope it doesn't suck. :)

Variante 2

Summary: Aiko comes to grips with reality as she takes her place in the ATHEOS organization, ready to fight similar people with Chimaira cells that have taken over their bodies. Also, more of Sudou's past is revealed as he recieves an anonymous tip with a photo of a young girl nearly completely disfigured by Chimaira cells, passwords, and directions to a secret ATHEOS research lab buried within a local mountain. He thought he killed the only woman he ever loved 14 years ago when she exploded into Chimaira status - only to find her locked up in the research lab as a test subject...

Review: Damn, I really can't put this series down. Makes BLOOD look stupid. And is Aiko falling for Sudou or is the other way around? I'm kinda confused there. But it's also pretty cool that he had a Chimaira experience when he was a kid, and that also explains his reasons for joining (or rather, being forced to join) ATHEOS. I hope they explain more backstory for the other characters too. But who gave him that info, though?

Rakugo Tennyo 1

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"OHANA NO OEDO NI TENNYO MAU (Hana Fluttering in the Tennyo's Edo)"

Summary: During the Edo period, there were a bunch girls who could turn into the legendary Tennyo when trouble strikes - AND they're from a family of famous Rakugo comedians. So when in the middle of their older brother's Rakugo session a Youma comes to Nihonbashi to stir up trouble, they're on the alert!

Review: OH GOD THE PAIN MAKE IT STOP. This was SO SO awful. I couldn't even get through the first ten minutes because it was just another henshin/harem combination show. I think I need to go bleach out my eyes now.


Donnie Darko (Japanese Novelization version)

Summary: The Japanese translation and novelization of Richard Kelly's "THE DONNIE DARKO BOOK" by singer, songwriter, and mangaka D[di:]. Donnie, a borderline-schizophrenic adolescent for whom there is no difference between the signs and wonders of reality (a plane crash that decimates his house) and hallucination (a man-sized, reptilian rabbit who talks to him). Obsessed with the science of time travel and acutely aware of the world around him, Donnie is isolated by his powers of analysis and the apocalyptic visions that no one else seems to share.

Review: I loved how they just kind of left entire chunks of dialog untranslated, and then translated ones into something that made no sense and/or had nothing to do with the dialogue at hand. Then again, a lot of the jokes in the book and the film are uniquely American, and are therefore pretty hard to translate over into Japanese without doing many many many cultural translation notes as an appendix. Still, I really enjoyed the comic parts of the book - D[di:] was just the right person for this project. The translation itself was done the best it could have been, considering the amount of cultural barrier there was to be considered. I still enjoyed it thoroughly. Give this book a try.

Final Review: A

Donnie Darko (original theatrical edition, 2001)

The Secretary (2002)

Summary: (imdb) Lee Holloway is a smart, quirky woman in her twenties who returns to her hometown in Florida after a brief stay in a mental hospital. In search of relief from herself and her oppressive childhood environment, she starts to date a nerdy friend from high school and takes a job as a secretary in a local law firm, soon developing an obsessive crush on her older boss, Mr. Grey. Through their increasingly bizarre relationship, Lee follows her deepest longings to the heights of masochism and finally to a place of self-affirmation.

Review: I've been on a Gyllenhaal sibling kick for the last week or so, so I thought I'd give this film a try. A lot of people were divided on this film - calling it "that S+M movie" among other things. But as a former self-injurer, this film meant a lot to me. She figured herself out in the end, even if it wasn't through the most palatable of ways. Damn, does talent run in their family or what? I could really feel Maggie as Lee. Even though this definitely shouldn't be shown to kids, it was a fabulous movie. I'm glad Mr. Grey softened in the end. :)

Final Review: A+

Variante 1

Summary: (from the whacky folks at A young girl is put into a “secret” hospital after an organization finds out she has a “chimaira arm” - an arm which has mutated into a big freakish arm that kills people - including her own family. Aside from her arm, she is a normal girl. What lies in store for her?

Review: Interesting stuff. I picked up the first three volumes on a whim at book off the other day and I'd been wanting to read it. The art is gorgeous. It has a kind of a BLOOD feel to it, but without the purposeful memory loss. This girl is truly a victim to her left arm. It seems good enough to stay with for now - I desperately need new stuff to read anyway.

2 3


Kagihime Monogatari Eikyuu Alice Rinbukyoku 1

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Summary: Aruto, a student writing his own version of Alice in Wonderland, one night sees Arisu, a costumed girl going after another and stabbing her through the heart with a key! Later at school, he finds out that she's an Alice Historian - one who is competing to get the entire volume of the final lost edition of Alice, Endless Alice - whose existance lies in the minds of girls everywhere. After inviting her over, much to his chagrin, he finds out that his own little sister Kiraha has the same abilities and the two fight! Will he choose Kiraha's memory of her own Alice page over his new friendship with Arisu?

Review: Wow, I really like this show so far. Even though it has the obvious moe little sister tones, the lure of something involving Alice in Wonderland is too good to pass up. I hope that the rest of the series is this good.

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Jigoku Shoujo 14

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"FUKUROKOUJI NO MUKOU (Across the Blind Alley)"

Summary: Tsugumi and Hajime are back investigating another case about Ai and her crew. Saki's father was caught by the media talking to local yakuza. He suicides out of guilt and responsibility, and she seeks revenge against the media via Ai. What will Tsugumi see through Ai's eyes for the fate of young Saki?

Review: Meh. I could have done without this episode. Obviously Ai doesn't like her job, and that didn't need to be explicitly said. Mid-season slump, much?


Jouou 11 + 12 (final)

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Summary: The final battle for the R1 has come. Maho and her new sycophants Reika and Megu go against pure Aya in what will be the battle for their careers.

Review: Whoa sluts. Two really good final episodes - who knew that the Manager had a thing for Aya? I really hope that post-series (the website keeps hinting at another final final episode later in February to coincide with the DVD box set release), things go well for them. And at least Aya's dad woke up! Happy ending? I hope so. :) I'll miss watching this every week.

Jouou 9 + 10

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Summary: Aya and Ozaki split fondly, with him saying he wishes he could have met her in a different way (not as a hostess). Aya cries, and talks to the manager about it all. He tells her that she's the only one who seems to have her heart still in this business, and that she should be careful. Aya doesn't listen, blindly believing the best of everyone, and that pain is surely a precious feeling in one's life. Megu plays dirty pool and brings in some of her old friends to help her get to the top - which folds when a show of selfishness brings all of her customers to Aya! Aya throws off the yoke of Maho when Maho tells her to lose her virginity for the sake of the game, and instead she takes Reika and Megu under her wing, seducing them into the final battle against Aya!

Review: WHOA, full frontal lesbian sex on network television! TV Tokyo, you're the Fox of Japan and I love you for it. Otherwise, wtf, Maho. Just turning your back on Aya because she wants to keep her purity. That was kind of shocking in of itself. Two more eps to go - what will happen next I wonder? ;__;



Summary: Mitsukazu's latest collection of art and short manga as seen in the punk magazine, Kera, over the last three years.

Review: As this is out of print now, I was guessing that I wouldn't have a chance in hell in finding this. But with my luck, I found it in my local mandarake used and in fabulous condition. Seeing her tarot deck art and shorts in real life is No words. Oh god. ;__; I wish I could draw like her!

Honey and Clover: Animate Seiyuu Talk Special

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Summary: The seiyuu for the Hachikuro cast provide their final ideas and insights into the series after filming the last episode.

Review: That was interesting. They're all nuts, I swear to god. XD They sound like a fun bunch of people, though. Perfect for Hachikuro. I'm still hoping for a second season.

fate/stay night: CURTAIN RAISER

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Summary: The prelude to the anime adaptation of TypeMoon's hit hentai game of the same name.

Review: Looks like this is going to be the big action anime of the winter season. Sounds good, premise looks good, and the animation looks fabulous. I'm going to be really pissed off if it sucks in the end. :(