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Angelina - Muse

Artist: Angelina
Title: "Muse"
CD-type: Album
released: 23 June 2004
price: 3150Y


Before she collaberated with DJ Krush on his 2002 album, "Shinsou-message at the depth-", she was completely unknown, even in the mostesoteric of j-indies circles. Showcasing her talent on the song"Alethelieou (Truth Speaking)", she gave to the japanese music world an taste of an amazing new face. That collaboration got her signed with Columbia Japan's Passion sublabel, and she began putting out singles from 12/2003 onward. Her debut single, "babybayboo" was released 12/3/2003, and even though did not gain much notice from the mainstream jpop world, it got people to notice in the j-indies pop circles. After another single ("Pathetic"), her first album "MUSE" was released in June 2004.

I had originally downloaded this album by chance, and being a HUGE DJ krush fan, I had liked what I'd heard on "Shinsou", though I hadn't connected the two names. This album is what I live for - fresh new faces in Japanese music that have good lyrics, and well thought-out songs in general. It doesn't hurt that Angelina was born in my
hometown and has kept her fluency in English from moving to Okinawa over the years. With songs like "LYRICAL" ("yes sir, reminds me of my sainthood/holy blinded/pure and true/like honeycombs and morning dew..."), and "Telephone Booth" ("I had met you in the dawn of my youth, bought this guitar and taught me to sing...") it really shows her variety of styles, be them satirical, soft and sad, hiphop or rock.

In English and Japanese, Angelina is totally flexable and transitions smoothly between both with no problems. She manages to negotiate, balance, and please both American and Japanese culture with grace and tact that is not often seen these days in Japanese and American pop music. A totally refreshing artist, who I wish to see more from in the future.


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