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BOA - Get There

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Artist: BOA
CD-type: album
Released: 16 February 2005
Price: 16 pounds (includes worldwide delivery)

I'd been waiting for this album for four years, and I have not been disappointed in the least.

This album is definitely more varied than the last - more anger, more love, more passion. With that said, this album is a bit stronger than the last because of that variation. BOA had problems getting this album done - recording issues, recording company issues (they finally just formed their own), release issues. And with all of those issues, it all just made the work stronger.

Jasmine has grown a lot as a vocalist and isn't afraid to let it show. She lets out the rage in screams, as opposed to the shouts and croons of the first album. She's still Jasmine but different - and it takes a few listenings to get used to. The album starts out very rough, and then tapers down toward the middle and end. As I said - you can't just give this album one listen. You have to give it several to let it kind of process through you.

BOA's come a long way from the LAIN days. Let's welcome them home.


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