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Cutie Honey (2004)

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Summary: Kisaragi Honey's father was murdered a year ago by the crime syndicate Panther Claw, who starts to wreak havoc all over Tokyo. Joined by reluctant friend Nacchan and a mysterious man in a racing car who knows all about the AI SYSTEM, the Soldier of Love and Purity, Cutey Honey, is on the scene!

Summary: Words can't express how much I loved Anno Hideaki's adaptation of this. Everything was perfect. I love Anno's work as it is (Shikijitsu, Love and Pop, Evangelion) - but this was a real departure from his other film forays so far in that it was just so whacky and silly. It really shows that Anno's flexibility and diversity and ensures his success in the Japanese movie scene for years to come.

Final Review: A++


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