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House 1

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Summary: (note: I'm just going to use's summaries for the show) A young kindergarten teacher, Rebecca Adler, who suffers from seizures collapses in her classroom after uncontrolled gibberish slips out her mouth while she is about to teach her students. She is taken to Dr, House and his team of experts who identify it might be a tumor, and she might have only a week to live.

Review: I had to watch the show a few times before I got into it. And then I got addicted. House is an amazingly snippy asshat yet a brilliant doctor. His quips leave me on the floor laughing. Not the best pilot in the world, but the show gets better from here on in.

Choice Houseisms from this episode:

House: You're comparing me to a Nazi? (admiringly) Nice . . .

Orange-Colored Patient: What are those?
House: Painkillers.
Orange-Colored Patient: Oh, for you, for your leg.
House: No, because they're yummy.

House: Your wife is having an affair.
Orange-Colored Patient: What??
House: You're orange, you moron! It's one thing for you not to notice, but your wife hasn't picked up on the fact that her husband has changed colors. She's just not paying attention. Oh, by the way, do you consume just ridiculous amounts of carrots and mega-dose vitamins? The carrots turn you yellow, the niacin turns you red. Get a set of fingerpaints and figure it out.

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