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House 17

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Summary: While Vogler offers House a deal to get out of laying off a staff member, the doctors must deal with a senator who refuses to believe House's diagnosis of AIDS.

Review: Wow. This was a FABULOUS episode. It definitely kept me on my seat the entire time. I could have sworn that Senator had AIDS! I mean, Toxo is a pretty clear sign of AIDS or one of the three HTLV viruses. House stuck it to Vogler pretty well, and omgwtf Cameron better NOT be leaving. The season's ending in four episodes - and they've hinted that Cameron will be coming back before then. Anyway. Choice houseisms from this episode (again, thanks to

Dr. Cuddy: In my office.
House: Afternoon delight. (waves his cane) She just loves the hard wood.

House: He didn't have any reason to lie.
Dr. Wilson: Everybody lies...except politicians? House, I believe you're a romantic. You didn't just believe him - you believed IN him. You want to come over tonight and watch old movies and cry?

Dr. Cuddy: A brain biopsy can cause permanent neurological damage.
House: Uh-huh. Whereas tumors are really good for brains - make them big and strong.

Wright: What will the voters think? If they find out I've had a b-brain biopsy?
House: This could leave you b-b-b-brain damaged, and you're worried about NASCAR dads?


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