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inotomo - yume

Artist: inotomo

CD-type: Album
released: 21 July 2004
price: 3059y

Rena from Instant Miso (my other staff site I work for) turned me onto inotomo randomly one day. I'd been searching for new indies to listen to since I've been really bored with a lot of the majors stuff as of late. And then I found inotomo.

She's another of the Shimokitazawakei crowd, debuting at around the same time as SCLL, Windy Hill, Amadori, Dorlis, Fishmans, and others. One could perhaps say she was with the Shimokitazawakei genre movement of street performers from its birth in the space between 2000-2001. Her melodies immediately earmark her as such.

With a sweet and clear voice, inotomo "brings it" to today's top hit idols with just her and her band. Like love psychedelico, she has a kind of old-fashioned country/folk feeling about her music that is refreshing and not annoying/clingy in the least. She's just like Rie Fu and Love Psychedelico in that respect - she does country-type stuff but without the annoyingness of country. But she differs from the other two in that she largely keeps to that style even with her other genres she experiments wtih instead of playing around with others. . She experiments in many genres - island, folk, country, pop, ethereal. If you're looking for something to soothe the brutal beast after a hellish day, inotomo will do the job nicely. With songs like "Yasashii uta" and "yume", it's hard not to resist her gentle charm.


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