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LISA - Melody Circus

Artist: LISA
Title: "Melody Circus"
CD-type: Album
released: 20 April 2005
price: 3059y

This is LISA's 1980's cover album. That says it all, so I'll go right into my review.

Personally, I've always loved LISA ever since she was in m-flo way back in the day. I have supported her through the good and bad, and I always will. But this album...did not work for me at all. Actually, ever since the last single I wasn't really feeling her work. The only two songs I like on here are the covers of "Time After Time" and "Every breath you take". Then again, I'm totally NOT an 80's fan and would love to forget the decade in terms of music. So it didn't work for me. A bonus was that a DVD comes with the first print of all of her PVs so far including some never-before-seen live stuff from her concerts. That was actually pretty cool in itself because there were a few PVs of hers I hadn't seen yet. But then again, this is with the first pressing only and will no doubt sell out soon.

If you're an 80's fan, I think this album would be more for you. If you're not an 80's fan - STAY AWAY and stick to some of LISA's original stuff like "Juicy Music" and "Gratitude".


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