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Loveless 4

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Summary: Ritsuka prays for Seimei's soul, and faces off with Soubi about his general treatment of people. Yuiko gets bullied, Ritsuka sticks up for her, and everyone gets punished. The Breathless team visit Ritsuka at school, telling him that Nanatsu no Tsuki has dropped them as a fighting group and a new one will be coming to challenge him soon. Soubi treats Ritsuka's teacher (over to see his parents for a conference) rather cruelly summoning rebuking from Ritsuka that's only silenced when he shows him pictures of the Iriomote Wildcat that Ritsuka, in a fit of childish rage, ordered him to get.

Review: This is turning out to be one of my favourites of all time now. I really love how Yun Kouga doesn't shy away from things like gender identity issues and bullying. No one really talks about bullying that much - only its effects (nevada-tan the killer for example), which is a HUGE problem in the Japanese school system. I love how they handled this issue, and how Ritsuka pretty much stopped short of ripping the offending side's heads off. We also got a look into how he's been physically and mentally by his mother ever since he lost his memory two years ago when Soubi tries to get him to physically punish him for his cruelty to Ritsuka's teacher. Excellent episode.


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