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Nakashima Mika - MUSIC

Artist: Nakashima Mika
Title: "MUSIC"
CD-type: Album
released: 02 March 2005
price: 3059y

I really wasn't much into Nakashima Mika's first album, "True". She surprised me on "LOVE", her second album that was released in late 2003. And now, she amazes me with "MUSIC".

The entire album from beginning to end is just amazing. It really showcases her range of styles - from pop to rock, jazz to ethereal. "Rocking Horse" and "FED UP" really stand out on this album as new for her - they're both a mix of sarcastic lyrics and faster beats, but with her mellow voice it all works. Mika has grown SO much since her first album, and this album just shows it ALL. There is not a weak
song on the entire album. It has an even mix of b-sides, previously released singles, and new material. I have no complaints with this piece whatsoever - and for me, that's pretty rare. It's saying a lot.

If you have one album to buy for 2005, "MUSIC" is it.


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