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Rie Fu - Rie Fu

Artist: Rie Fu
Title: "Rie Fu"
CD-type: Album
released: 19 January 2005
price: 3150Y

When Rie Fu came out last year with her first single, "RIE WHO!?", upon trying it, I was quite pleasantly surprised. Rie's style is a mix of modern pop with the style of the Carpenters (one of her main influences, she claims), and with her ability to liquidly switch from English to Japanese, it makes for a very wonderful and refreshing listening experience. Therefore, I was waiting on the edge of my seat for months until her first album was released this month.

Rie is one of the rare artists these days who can use English fluently and competently in her songs. Raised in Maryland, USA from ages 8-12, she now commutes back and forth between Tokyo and London for her education. That alone should say a lot.

Where to start? She includes different versions of b-sides "Tsuki no Ue (Jamming Version)" and "Decay (English Version)", but it should be noted that the album is composed of mostly new songs that are apart from already released material, which these days in itself is pretty rare for new albums released after a few singles. Even if you hate the Carpenters like I do, you can't resist Rie's sweet voice. With songs like "Somebody's World" and "2CM", you can't deny that she has holding power against the other pop singers out there that just start producing the same thing repeatedly after a few singles. Every track on the album is unique.

I honestly have no complaints whatsoever about this album. It's in Japanese and English and a fair balance of songs in both languages. If you're looking for something new and mellow to try, give Rie Fu a listen. You won't be disappointed.


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