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RUMI - Hell Me Tight

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Artist: Rumi
Title: "Hell Me Tight"
CD-type: Album
released: 25 November 2004
price: 2370Y

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the future of Japanese indies music: goth rap.

I stumbled across Rumi by chance in one of the Japanese indies magazines, and upon first listen, I've been in love ever since. Rumi's a goth. And she raps. Polar opposites, right?


Rumi manages to blend them together seamlessly to create a goth-rap fusion not seen anywhere else in the world. She at times has the melodies of ACO, the screaming of D[di:], and manages to spit out the beats faster than any female rapper out on the Japanese circuit today. With songs like "Sanagi" and "Triforce", it's hard to believe that one artist can package all of these different sounds on one album. You have to take this album a song at a time, otherwise you get totally overwhelmed.

I can honestly say that this album was one of THE BEST to come out of 2004. If you're looking for cutting-edge Japanese rap/hip-hop, you've found your woman.

Note, that since Rumi is an indies artist, her CD isn't readily available through major retailers. If the link we've provided is out of stock, feel free to check out her official site for more resources.


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