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Showdog Moms and Dads 2

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Summary: Kyra and Chalcy do their agilty competition, perform at a birthday party, go windsurfing and then to the vet when Chalcy badly injures her paw. George goes to Santa Fe to judge Best in Show, Connie takes Pepe to Arizona and gets 2nd and 3rd place and is really pissed off about that. Lourdes takes Katie to the vet to get her probed and inseminated - reminding her of her own hard time she had trying to get pregnant. Moira continues to bother the bloody fucking hell out of Adam even at his own school with Tooter when having Tooter show for the kids. Brandon and Ryan are amazed that their new baby Liberace's testicles haven't dropped, and have to do it by hand. They also have a vicious catfight that ends with the police coming.

Review: I'm always amazed at how much one hour of this can cram in. I'd like to slap Moira across the face for forcing her kid to show their dog, and I felt sorry for Lourdes when she was sobbing when her Katie was getting probed at the vet. Kyra's pretty nuts but it was still sad when Chalcy got injured. Brandon and Ryan's cat fight was a good end to the episode. And why the fuck can't Connie leave poor baby Pepe alone? ;__;


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