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Showdog Moms and Dads 3

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Summary: Kyra goes fucking insane after admitting Chalcy to the vet - never leaving the dog's side and badgering the doctor with questions as she does surgery to clean out the paw. Connie and Pepe suffer another defeat at Arizona, so she and George test Pepe at a local park to see what was wrong...finding nothing was wrong in the performance. On her way to the Topeka show, Lourdes picks up the professional handler Susan. Political infighting and hotel hijinks ensue. Moira and Adam and Roxy have been hired for a playboy shoot with the model Dorismar. Boobies ensue. Brandon and Ryan finally make up, and take classes on how to train Liberace only to find out he's still too young to really formally compete.

Review: I love how they had to put peanut butter on Dorismar's ass to get Roxy to bite her skirt for the camera. That was the best part of the episode. Kyra continues to amaze me with her insanity. How does her husband put up with her?!


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