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Smallville 83 (Season 4, ep 17)

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Summary: While trying to mess with kryptonite in order to make fruits grow in even the worst conditions, black kryptonite is accidentally created - splitting lex in two. Duplicity and evil!Lex ensue.

Review: One of the best episodes of the season, BY FAR. The previous, "Lucy", wasn't so great and I found myself bored fucking spitless by the end of the episode. Here we can see how Lex really works, and it was so wonderfully done. Props to Michael Rosenbaum for pulling the two Lex role off - it must have been difficult. Next week's "SPIRIT" is bringing back the Countess Isabelle subplot. Don't get me wrong - I love Lana-as-Isabelle, but Lois and Chloe as the other two witches are pretty boring. :/ We'll see what happens.

*Note, because there are 83 other episodes, I sincerely doubt I'll get to backtrack and finish reviewing them all. Maybe when I can get the DVD sets. :/

Season 4: 18 19 20 21 22 (S4 finale)

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