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Smallville 84 (S4E18)

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Summary: Dawn Stiles, the haughty contended for Smallville High prom queen, is irritated when Chloe is nominated. But as she settles on Clark for her new date, Dawn crashes her SUV into a kryptonite-filled ravine, releasing her spirit and granting it the ability to possess the bodies of the living. Leaping from body to body, she has Martha dance wildly, Lana try to kill her ex-boyfriend, and Lois ask Clark to the prom. When Chloe is the winner, Dawn prepares to set the school on fire in revenge, and only Clark can stop her.

Review: I was sure it was going to be another Isabelle subplot ep but I was wrong. ;/ Well. It had some elements - Jason helping his mum? WTF. I never thought that would happen...;-; But uh, otherwise, Dawn-as-Clark was pretty great. Even if it was only like, 3 minutes on screen. Sadly though, this episode apart from aforesaid parts, sucked the big one. Smallville lately has been. ;/ I don't think I'll be missing it too much when in Japan starting in July.


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