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Sousei no Aquarion 1

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Summary: It's year 11 after the Fallen Angels destroyed the world. A bunch of kids with Elemental powers fight with the robot AQUARION to beat them. They think they've found their master/savior/guy, The Solar Wing - a street tramp more dog than man. Alien fighting and crap ensues.

Review: Anno Hideaki's getting ready to sue someone - I can FEEL it. LOLs aside, this has to be the most cliched mecha crap I've seen in awhile. It's borrowed from Evangelion, Gundam, Transformers, and even Rahxephon. This is fucking amazing how awful this show is. And it's for reasons like this, aside from the absolutely batshit insane fanbase, why I don't watch much anime anymore.

Otherwise? Totally dropped.


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