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Spangle Call Lilli Line - 68SCLL Live in Kotoku

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Artist: Spangle Call Lilli Line
Title: 68SCLL Live in Kotoku
CD-type: Album
released: 17 March 2004
price: 3,619y

Completely unknown to the world of mainstream, there lies a little band called Spangle Call Lilli Line. They debuted in March 2001 with their self-titled mini album, and continue to put out material slowly but surely into the indies market. Together with artists like Windy Hill's vocalist Amadori (set to debut in the mainstream market in May 2005), they've even formed a new genre - Shimokitazawakei, named for the subdistrict of Shimokitazawa of Tokyo, Japan from where they originally hail. Shimokitazawakei is now known for it's softer, ethereal melodies. recorded in garages and homes whereas Shibuyakei is known for it's happy, poppy, and electronic beats.

If you've ever heard the soundtrack of or seen the moving "Lily Chou-Chou no Subete (All About Lilly Chou-Chou)", you're familiar with Salyu (as Lily Chou-Chou)'s haunting voice and dreamy lyrics. SCLL's Kana reminicent of Salyu's vocal style, with songs as long as 8 to 10 minutes but never getting dreary or boring. There's always something new in each SCLL song. It's perfect for if you want to listen to
something as you fall asleep.

This is SCLL's live album. I was skeptical at first to see how well, if at all, the gentle melodies of Kana and the guys would transfer to a live set. I was not disappointed in the least. Kana's voice and the band's music are completely preserved and give a rawer passion to the lyrics than anything that could ever be captured in a studio. I sat through the entire album with my favourite songs like "Veek" being performed live, completely enthralled by Kana and the band.

As this album is kind of hard to find on any online vendor, be sure to consult the official website for buying information. SCLL's other albums ("Nanae", "Or", "Spangle Call Lilli Line", their split with Windy Hill "Ws" and the new April 2005 release, "Trace") are available at yesasia and hmv japan but usually take a little longer to get or are on order. You won't regret this purchase at all.


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