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That 70's Show 174 (S7 E21)

[screencaps pending]

Summary: Eric discovers that he received an incomplete in a high school gym class, so he goes back to his alma mater only to discover that his new PE teacher is none other than Casey Kelso.

Review: A good, non-serious episode. It seems like seasons 5-7 have been having more than their fair share (compared to previous seasons) of serious stuff - Donna and Eric's wedding (or rather, failing thereof), Jackie and Hyde getting together (yayayay), Kelso knocking up Brooke, graduation, etc. It's been a nice change but once in awhile I like to have the silly episodes. Best part of the episode was the Miss America-like competition that Hyde and Jackie make Fez and Kelso do to decide who gets the room. Awesome. Only three more eps left for this season and then Eric and Kelso leave. It's the end of an era. >_>


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