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Tsubasa 3

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Summary: Syaoran finds one of Sakura's feathers in his cloak and returns it to her. We meet Sora and Arashi, and see some of the other characters in the Hanshinkoku world. Also, Kurogane discovers his kudan and fights a lot.

Review: I miss the puppet show - like everyone else who's read the manga, that was perhaps the best feature of Sora and Arashi entering the plot in Hanshinkoku. ;_; Otherwise, good episode. They're going at a slow pace, too. That's kind of double-edged in that it's good they're going slow, really delving into things and bad in that it might be a REALLY long series. Like 100+ episodes. I also just got wind of a movie (different from the XXXholic one, it seems, though done by the same people). Hmmm. Lots of goings on there.


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