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Wonder Showzen unaired pilot: Beat Kids

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Summary: The pilot was a series of off-color comedy scenes where kids were dubbed in over strange segments of video. For instance, one sketch showed footage from a slaughterhouse and a hotdog factory while children would say things like "That guy is a weiner smoker - I could smell it on him". Another piece featured a child "news reporter" who was on the scene of a public restroom, and she asked patrons "Did everything come out okay?" And "How did it go in there?" This sketch was called "Beat Kids" and featured a logo of two fists with the word "Beat" tatooed across the fingers of one and "Kids" on the other hand.

Review: Oh man. No wonder they put it on MTV instead of USA. And here's why:
white girl: Lebanon!
asian boy: Lebanon.
white boy: Lack of identity.
white boy: Desire for welfare.
black boy: I saw a picture where babies come from. But I don't wanna talk about it.
asian girl: Carelessness.
white girl: Ignored prayers.
black boy: I don't want to say it so I'll spell it instead: B-U-T.

It should be noted that most of the sketches in this unaired pilot made it into the aired version except for the little girl chasing people for Beat Kids.


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