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Zwei - Hikari

Zwei is finally back with a new single! This is their first single since their debut album "Pretty Queen" was released in November 2004.

The video for the title track made me feel dizzy and confused, but the songs are fabulous. The single is one of their more raw collection of songs since their debut. Again everything's been produced by Duran Duran's Nick Wood, and "ICE BREAKER" was written by Simon Le Bon. Quite honestly, "ICE BREAKER" definitely outshines "Hikari" as a b-side. It's very powerful, moreso than "Hikari". The lyrics are stronger, the beats deeper, Ayumu's voice raspier. I got chills listening to it for the first time and it hasn't left the mollypod since. :)

This is definitely Zwei's best work yet.

Final Review: A++

Favourite track(s) off of this single:
-ALL! :D

Zwei - Dragon (fourth single)


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