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Amuro Namie - Want Me Want Me

It seems like, for the past two years, there's been an ongoing contest between Kouda Kumi and Amuro Namie to see who can be Japan's Sluttiest Singer Ever. Areas include lyrics, dancing, and clothing.

Amuro wins by a longshot with her new single, "Want Me Want Me".

I have never, in Japanese, heard such dirty lyrics and seen such dance moves EVER. I must admit that Amuro's hiprolls in the music video would put both Kouda and even Britney Spears to shame - no wonder this girl got knocked up by her producer at 19! And lyrics. Oh god. With such gems as: "We're all over each other like virgins/but don't forget the Trojan" and "la la poppin coochie" Amuro made jaws drop nationwide along with foreign fans at what's most definitely her dirtiest single yet.

I now pronounce you Japan's Sluttiest Singer Ever.

You can pick up your crown on that casting couch over there.


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