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Crystal Kay - Koi ni Ochitara

Crystal Kay is back from her sixth album release, Crystal Style, with Koi ni Ochitara. I wasn't really digging Crystal Style too much for reasons I can't really explain...I just wasn't feeling it. But I LOVE THIS SINGLE. It's perfectly balanced in all ways and it's just wonderful. It nicely shows off what she's capable of without being too flashy. I felt that Crystal Style was a bit too flashy; maybe that's why I didn't enjoy it as much.

One of the best things about listening to Crystal Kay is knowing her voice isn't fake - I went to her Christmas 2004 live in Yokohama and was blown away at how amazing her voice is live. She's very talented, there's no doubt about it. It all just reaffirms my strong belief that if Sony would give her a chance to debut here in the States, she'd do perfectly well.

I'll be sure to tell her this myself, one day.


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