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Death Note 2

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Summary: Raye Penber's fiance, the FBI agent Raito murdered for getting into his case, comes after Kira/Raito to find his identity. Raito continually experiments with ways of using the Death Note, while Penber's fiance figures out her man was murdered. Flashback to the day in the bus with the criminal Penber was investigating - with Raito eventually revealing his face to Penber, and then killing him. L figures things out and in a meeting with the investigators, letting them know that whoever saw Penber's ID had to be Kira. Raito meets Penber's fiance, playing dumb all along - with L finding out that she was a retired FBI agent he worked with in the US. To find Kira, L bugs both the Yagami household and another one.

Review: This was a really fast-paced volume, and I could barely keep up. The story is going at a very good and satisfying pace, but I think I need a break to gather my thoughts before I start on the next volume.


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