the usagi incidents


Death Note 54-60

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Summary: Raito fully regains all of his memories, and we're finally filled on the plan between him, Ryuuku, and Remu about saving Misa. Raito is wiser now, but still kills Higuchi. L questions Remu, who goes along with Light's plan of playing dumb and the fake rules of the Note. Upon letting Misa go, cleared of blame, Raito whispers into Misa's ear, telling her where her Death Note can be found. Misa once again deals with Ryuuku to turn her eyes into Reaper eyes to gain L's real name. Remu vows to extend Misa's life as long as possible, while L's suspicion turns back to her. Remu kills Watari to protect Misa. L is murdered by Remu and Raito "vows" to find his killer. Watari's real identity is revealed, and two children named Nero and Nia are notified that L has died. Nero goes to the US president - eventually fast-forwarding in time to 2009, a world that Kira controls...

Review: It was nice to finally be filled in on that whole plan even if it was rather confusingly explained. But wow, all of this stuff in between has been really really good. I can't wait for the next chapters!

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