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Freenote - Introducing the Popline According to Freenote

Freenote are an awesome new indies band, and this is their debut album. If Spangle Call Lilli Line were to go completely pop or mix many genres into one, they would probably sound like Freenote. One genre can't describe Freenote. They're just too varied - and the best part is, they pull off every single genre they dabble in with style and grace. If you want rock, listen to "Happy Birthday", if you want dance, try "Bokura Rhythm", if you want something like Spangle Call Lilli Line, try "ReChannel". There's definitely something for every fan of every genre on this album, and I can promise you, this is one of 2005's best albums by far put out by the Japanese industry.

Give indies a try - it'll widen your horizons.


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