the usagi incidents



Summary: In the first ever anime adaptation of Dumas' "Le Comte de Monte-Cristo", the story is set far in the future where people no longer sail the seas but the stars, where there are nobles and underlings, and where one mysterious Man, The Count of Monte Cristo, begins his revenge on all who wronged him in the past...

Review: I was finally able to finish the series today after a few months of being backlogged. As I still haven't finished the book yet, I can't exactly say how it compares to the book's ending, but from what I have read it seems fine so far. I was reluctant to begin this series, but it's now one of my favourites of all time. There were constant twists I wasn't expecting and I can honestly say that it's been one of the best productions of 2005 so far. There was never an episode where the production values lacked, be it in writing, art settings, or character development. Gonzo, not one of my favourite studios, really did the Dumas classic proud in this series.



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