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Gokujou Seitokai 4

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Summary: Rino, in order to have her abilities evaluated by the Seitokai at large, joins with Kaori for one day on assault patrol only to get involved with the Puppet Club's horrible case! Who ripped up poor Snake-kun? We also see why Kaori loves/admires Kanade-kaichou so much, and why she'll do anything, even put up with Rino, to protect her position in the Seitokai.

Review: It was nice being able to see more of Kaori rather than her just being a one-dimensional OMG I HATE RINO DIE DIE DIE character. Until the end of the episode, I was wondering why they put in the stuff with the Puppet Club, but it was all nicely brought together in the end. Really enjoyable series here, guys.


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