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Honey and Clover 2

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Summary: Hagu makes a book of items she wants, and shows it to the boys. They freak out at the prices, whereas Morita is determined to give Hagu at least one of the things she wants. He goes on a trip for work, and while he's gone the gang with Hagu find a website - all of the pictures he took of her! Morita finds the mules Hagu wants, and they're 32,000y! He buys them anyway, and gives them to Hagu, who freaks out happily and dances everywhere in them. Hagu meets and becomes friends with Ayumi, and the boys worry about both their teppanyaki party and their futures.

Review: I usually hate shows like this but there's a certain charm to hachikuro that I can't put my finger on. The animation is simple but great, and the music fantastic. (Note: if anyone can give me a rip of the Suneohair ending song, I would LOVE YOU FOREVAR.) I can't wait to keep watching this series and start reading the manga.


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