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Honey and Clover 3

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Summary: Hagu comes back after a month at home in Nagano, and manages to get Takemoto to build her a doll's wardrobe in the Rococo style. Ayumi kicks both Mayama and Morita's asses in a fit of pique. While Morita's in the clinic, the mysterious Rika goes into see Shuu-sensei, Takemoto later finding out she's not dating Mayama at all. Hagu has a bad panic attack when Takemoto takes her out for lunch. Mayama realizes Ayumi's feelings for him, and she cries over her pottery...

Review: One of the best series I've seen in a long while. The characters are so palpable, if they weren't drawings I'd swear they were real. I can't wait for hte next episode.


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