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House 22 (S1 season finale)

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Summary: House insists he can handle things when Stacy (guest-star Sela Ward), the woman he once loved, asks him to diagnose Mark, the man she married. When Mark's tests come back normal yet symptoms show that his brain is dying, the puzzle may be one that even House can't solve. While Wilson worries about House's emotional well-being, the team is blown away by his over-the-top demands. As House struggles to put his emotions aside and solve the case, Cuddy adds to his dilemma and offers Stacy a reason to stay.

Review: Oh wow. Really good episode. I can't get that across enough - perhaps the last two episodes were the best of the season. Poor House - so conflicted. He always gets the shaft in some way or another. Excellent ending to season 1. I love how they played "You Can't Always Get What You Want" (one of my favourite songs, ever) with him at the end - that's officially House's character theme song now, I think. :) And it looks like they're adding Sela Ward to the cast next season (since Stacy's joining the hospital staff as general counsel?), which should bring some very interesting character interactions between House, Stacy, and Cameron. Whatever the case is, I can't wait for the season 2 premiere this fall and the DVD set that's forthcoming.


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