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Kamiki Aya - A constellation

I'm not usually for Giza artists, but hot fucking damn.

Kamiki Aya has apparently been doing some lives at Thursday Night at the Hills in Osaka since January, and thanks to Al from mm-bbs (who also ripped this debut mini-album which is REALLY hard to find - thanks, Fearless Leader!) I was able to discover this amazing new girl.

Her voice sounds like a mix of Amano Tsukiko and Ban Tomiko (DAI), and a little like Shiratori Maika. Not to mention she looks like Lissa from Suitei Shoujo. Her range is frankly incredible, her English pronounciation quite good (unlike some horrors). Her songs range from the poppy (Shoobie-doobie-ba), to the angsty (Because I Close to U), to the reflective (19 ~since I was born~). I was struck flat on my ass by this girl's voice. She's no Ringohime, but there's a little everything for everyone on this debut mini-album.

I definitely look forward to more releases from her in the future.


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