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Kobato 3

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Summary: As the yakuza guys try to hurt Kobato, Fujimoto saves her for the second time. They leave without collecting their debt, and Toshihiko claims he was just crying to scare the yakuza off. On the way home, Ioryougi and Kobato talk about how they might be able to pay off Sayaka's debt, Kobato comes across Toshihiko on the swings alone in the park - saying he's waiting for his mother, a single divorced parent, to come home from work. Kobato comforts him, later learning that that small kindness earned her one feeling (in the form of a sugar star) in her bottle. She also finds out that her next door neighbor is none other than Fujimoto.

Review: CLAMP has earned a new respect from me. Regarding the topic of divorce, Japan is still pretty closed about it and doesn't talk about it much as the Ryousai Kenbo (good wife, wise mother) image is still being promoted by the government in order to increase the birth rate, among other things. I really love how CLAMP handled the topic of the boy with the single parent because it showed her as working hard to support her family, even if it is embarrassing to the child and to society. Go, CLAMP! You guys are awesome.


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