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Loveless 5

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Summary: Everyone seems to be having sleeping problems. SLEEPLESS, the newest group out to get Soubi and Ritsuka from Nanatsu no Tsuki, arrives with information for Ritsuka on one condition: that the Loveless/Beloved team beat Sleepless in a battle. They do win, and Ritsuka gets the information - a mysterious computer code and the fact that Nanatsu no Tsuki is the school where the Sentoki couples learn. But why did they kill Seimei?

Review: I still don't really understand why Seimei forbade Soubi from saying anything about the Nanatsu no Tsuki, but whatever. Another good episode. I'm glad Sleepless got beaten - they were getting on my nerves with their sass.


  • At 6:53 AM, Blogger Shanni said…

    You should really go read the manga...the anime is REALLLY good I know XD... But you should really go read the manga becuz it makes the whole deal about *keeping it secret* thing alot more clearer. Well...its still confusing up to the newest issue... I haven't read Loveless6 yer since TokyoPop decided to licence it...and they haven't released it...I really wanna strangle em....I'LL USE UP ALL MY ALLOWANCE TO BUY DAT DAM BOOK... XD!!! Anyways =) I'll gladly send you vol 1-5 on gmail...since its illegal now to post it here =(...but I still have a link where you can get loveless 1-5 from ^^ You can go visit my website at




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