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Loveless 7

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Summary: Soubi's battle with ZERO continues, getting savagely hurt until ZERO's only weakness is exposed: their inability to notice temperature change and lack of sufficient capilaries to aid feeling those changes. Soubi wins but not by much, nursing his left hand which ZERO's fighter Natsuo drove a nail through. Ritsuka is anxious at Soubi's whereabouts, noticing that he hadn't answered his phone. Sensei is a crybaby after taking some of Soubi's insults after the fight. Ritsuka finally orders Soubi to tell him the whole truth about things whenever he can, after lying to Ritsuka about his injuries...

Review: Good episode, and it's nice to know that ZERO had a weakness. @__@ Otherwise even Soubi, the best of fighters would have been done for. And what's this "we haven't connected yet" bullshit about? S:LDFjkasfd. Also still no word on how the series is due to last past 13 episodes. It'll be interesting to see how things go, since they're moving through the manga pretty fast.


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