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Loveless Anime Drama CD 1: Brainless

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Summary: Taking place right after the first two battles with Breathless, the gang, complete with Shinonome-sensei and Yayoi, go up to the mountains for some onsen fun, only to be confronted with UFO-like lights that only Soubi and Ritsuka can see, while confronting Breathless in the caves...

Review: Cute adventure and good story, though I'm still not sure how the whole UFO-lights/Breathless meeting worked out. I'll have to listen to that a few more times, since my sentoki tango is really off (that's usually why I watch the show with subs - the vocabulary of the fighters isn't in regular conversational speech u__u). Also, it was really nice to hear Soubi being nice to Shinonome-sensei. And whipped!Soubi in the first track? Fucking genius. :D


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