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Murder of Angels

Summary: In this stylish sequel to Kiernan's debut novel, Silk (1998), it's been 10 years since a drug-fueled experiment opened a window on an alternate world of horrors that pushed angst-scarred Spyder Baxter to suicide, and its survivors are still reeling from the aftershocks. Daria Parker has parlayed some of her experience into a successful musical career, but her lover, Niki Ky, is wracked by full-blown schizophrenic episodes in which Spyder beckons her from a dimension beyond death. When Niki follows Spyder's instruction to make a fatal plunge from San Francisco's Bay Bridge, she awakens in a gothic realm of death and darkness where she plays a key role in an intrigue Spyder has engineered to draw out a demonic entity known as "the Dragon." Meanwhile, Daria struggles in the world of the living to retrieve and protect an artifact Niki needs to keep horrors in the Dragon's world from erupting into our own.

Review: I had been waiting for this sequel for six years - and it did not disappoint. However, with this new storyline going, I had NO idea it would be like this. When Niki started having the episodes, I knew something about this volume would be different. I loved this novel but I still don't know how to feel about it as a proper sequel to the original. I'm still figuring that out, and it may take me a few more reads to do so - including rereading the original.

Final Review: A

Silk (prequel)


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