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Nakabayashi May - Crazy Crazy Crazy (special edition)

Japan sure has a thing for loli vocalists.

If you were to take Hayashi Asuca at her debut and make her perform hard r+b instead of her wide-ranging folk and pop, give her dirty lyrics and put a fedora on her, you'd get Nakabayashi May.

Her voice is very much like Hayashi Asuca's in that it seems FAR too advanced and deep for her age. When I first heard the title track, "Crazy Crazy Crazy", I could have sworn this girl was a good 20 or 25 instead of just barely hitting 15. Her voice sounds a little like Kouda Kumi's when it comes to going against the beats but far more trained. This song very easily gets stuck inside your head.

Nakabayashi seems like a really promising new vocalist. I'll keep my eye on her for now.


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