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Nana 2

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Summary: Starts with Komatsu Nana's phone. Shoji just told her that he's offered a place in the college and just being Nana, she immediately left her job to pack up for Tokyo. Travelling by train, she met Oosaki Nana and talked for about 2 hours due to the snow blocking the route. When Komatsu Nana met Shoji, she forgotten about the other Nana and each gone with own way. They met again when searching for an apartment and decided to share the cost of the apartment they both liked and became room mates. Nobu appears near the end with song he composed. Nana (Oosaki) gave her first performance in Tokyo. (from

Review: Pretty awesome volume. You really get this feeling of fate involved with Nana and Hachi. And you also get some kind of homoerotic feelings from them too, even though they're both admittedly straight. Which is cool. I like how Yazawa can integrate those feelings into a manga without invalidating them just because of one character's supposed sexual preference or another.


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