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Nana 3

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Summary: (all summaries from Nana (Komatsu) starts with her new job at the 70s' furniture shop. She decides to help Nobu and Oosaki to find members to set up Blast again. Shinichi turns up for the audition and was accepted by Nana (Oosaki) who found his style of playing similiar to Ren. Meanwhile, Shoji and Nana (Komatsu)'s relationship began to hit the rocks due to Nana's insensitivity. He meets a Sachiko and begins liking her. Yasu appears in Tokyo saying he can find another law firm in Tokyo and continue being Blast's drummer. Shoji begins his unfaithful relationship with Sachiko.

Review: I never thought Shoji was good for Hachi, quite honestly. -__- Though Hachi's insecurity about things certainly did not help. But yay for shin joining the band - loli boys rock. Again, you get this feeling of fate involved with Hachi talking about a Sachiko she made up out of her imagination, and then a real life one appearing and getting involved with Shoji. I wonder what Yazawa means to say with that?


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