the usagi incidents


Nana 4

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Summary: Komatsu Nana found out the truth about Shoji's two-timing affair. She accecpts it sadly and does not want to see Shoji again. Oosaki Nana comforts her at night. Life goes on and Blast is offered a slot to perform at Lifehouse. They rocked the whole pub that night. Misato came all the way from Oosaki's hometown to support Blast and spend some time with Oosaki Nana. Komatsu Nana got jealous as she thought she would lose her good friend like she lost her boyfriend. She vent her angry at Nana who surprisingly did not retort back. However they patch things up and Nana (Komatsu) learns Oosaki's deepest secret from Misato - Ren Hanjo from Trapnest used to be Oosaki's boyfriend. Things perks up when Komatsu receives two free tickets to Trapnest Trigger Live concert (first row!) in her hometown. Both Nanas head back to Komatsu's home.

Review: Ohohohoho. Jealous Hachi. The scenes fighting with Nana and Misato and acting jealous were A+, would read again, a credit to Yazawa. I still think there's some kind of homoerotic subtext going on between Nana and Hachi and Misato. Or something. Wee! :D


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