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Nana 6

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Summary: Komatsu Nana decides to work as a part-time salesgirl. She sort of picks up her life and still continues the mini affair with Takumi. After the Trapnest, Trigger in Tokyo concert, Nobu and Shinichi joins the band at their mini party. Ren, Nobu and Shinichi found out about the affair of Takumi and Nana and were disgusted by the way he answered. Nobu got angry and almost started a brawl with Takumi. Instead, it was Shinichi who poured his drink at Takumi. Nobu admits he likes Komatsu but does not have the courage to tell her. Reira takes the offer that Shinichi made and they spent many nights together. Komatsu is torn between Nobu and Takumi and the relationship between the two Nanas seemed to drift. With work, concerts, jammings, love lives, Trapnest and Blast, both Nanas find it difficult to find time to spend with each other, feeling alone and dejected. Blast might have a chance to sign a contract.

Review: #(&*)%@*$@)$& DAMMIT HACHI. Why does she fuck everything up? TAKUMI = NO. NOBU = YES. Are you that dumb? [stabs Hachi] e__e And yay Shin and Reira. That's a rockin' couple right there.


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