the usagi incidents


Nana 7

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Summary: Misato appears in Tokyo to see Blast's latest Live concert at Lifehouse. The producer of Gaia Music comes to listen. This is the performance which determines Blast's music future. Komatsu feels left out of the Blast circle and seeks Takumi for refuge, while Reira seeks Shinichi for companionship. Things between Reira and Shinichi becomes complicating. Nobu and Komatsu Nana had a talk and finally spoke their true feelings. Komatsu breaks up with Takumi but Takumi doesn't know it was a break up! Nana and Nobu finally got together. Oosaki Nana feels threaten with the existance of Trapnest and begins to show her possessive nature.

Review: Yay Hachi and Nobu getting together! Finally. She treated him so badly when she was with Takumi. =___= What a nice guy, to be able to be putting up with all that shit. But sad Hachi for being left out of the Blast inner circle - though she isn't even in the band. ;/


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