the usagi incidents


Paradise Kiss 3 (translated)

Summary: It turns out that Yukari is a natural when it comes to modeling. In no time, her career takes off, and soon she's fielding offers from bigtime modeling agencies. But she soon discovers she needs her parents' consent before anyone can represent her. Yeah, like that's ever going to happen! When Yukari asks the love of her life, George, for some professional guidance, he gives her grief - not answers. Does this guy even know the meaning of love? Yukari is beginning to wonder if he's worth her time - or her devotion.

Review: -___- I want to shoot Yukari's mother. I absolutely hate the Kyouikumama. They try to relive their own lives through educating their children and crushing their spirits with endless tests and over-the-top expectations. And George. #()@&$_@(74-#*(%7-325. Yukari needs to get her shit down and figured out, dammit.


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