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Paradise Kiss 4 (translated)

Summary: The school fashion show is finally here, and it's a last-minute fight to the finish to get the awesome ensemble ready on time. The drama escalates when a stressed-out Yukari literally passes out from exhaustion in George's car. Will she recover in time to model for the show?! Meanwhile, a mysterious female friend from George's past shows up to support him on the big day. Are they just friends ... or something more?! Yukari's not sure who she can trust anymore. All she's 100% sure about is that she wants the Paradise Kiss posse to take first place at the fashion show, no matter what it takes. Will they reign victorious or be forced to taste the agony of defeat?

Review: The second to last of the series really heats up here. Everything is sped up for the fashion show and everything. Poor Yukari - trying to balance school, her modeling with Paradise Kiss, George (though that's her own fault right there). I remember when reading this for the first time being in absolute nervous anticipation for the final volume. George needs to be shot. ds;fjka.


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