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Sifl and Olly 2

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Summary: Waking With Ruby / Song: "Answer My Phone" / Rock Fact: Which Female Lead Singers' Life Depends On A Rare Gem? / News: Olly Did Anita Zest / Answer to last Rock Fact *Note: Although the audio part of the answer is fine, the on-screen question says "What Mysterious Coincidence Links Prodigy to Pink Floyd?" / Precious Roy's Pet Piercer / Song: "World Music" / Calls: Counterfiter, Devil Daughter, Abe Lincoln / Chester Donut / Rock Fact: Are Rumors True That Sugar Ray Can Fly? / Hidden Passage (Lincoln Background) / Interview: Tooth Fairy / Song: "Tooth Decay"

Review: Poor Chester. Poor Chester's Pet Fax Machine. Liam Lynch is a genius - why in the world did they end this show? I love Sifl and Chester best now. And you'd never think that sock puppets would be so expressive.


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