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Sifl and Olly 3

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Summary: Functions of the Family with Paul Rogers / Calls: Eddie From Jersey, Olly's Mom (Cigarettes) / Rock Fact: What Sultry Artist Mysteriously Appeared To Frontline Soldiers During Desert Storm? / Song: "She's A Carrot" / Precious Roy's Sasquatch Feeder / News: Extreme Cooking (Donut) / Calls from the Car Phone: Landlord (Windmill), Baby Robot / Chester's Dreams (from the car) / Rock Fact: How Does The Pope Get His Daily Dose Of The Beastie Boys? / Hidden Passage (from car) / Hitch-hikers / Song: "Just What I Needed" (Originaly by The Cars)

Review: Both the Precious Roy and Calls From The Public segments time and again prove they're the best segments on the show. Bitchy!Pregnant!Sifl was AWESOME, and the fork confused about its sexuality win.


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