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Sifl and Olly 5

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Summary: We're Sifl & Olly" / Interview: Grout, Rex Morgan Night Golfer / Calls: Bears Attack, Mexican Jumping Bean Bag, IRS / Rock Fact: What Strange Ritual Do The Beastie Boys Perform To Stay In Shape? / Song: "Weird Day" / Precious Roy's Insta-Jerky / News: Olly Won't Do The News / Calls: Waffles In The VCR, Im So Short, In Florida..., Needs A Scarehooker / Chester: Pegasis / Rock Fact: What Hidden Talent Does Celene Dion Hide From Her Fans? / Bad Plants / Song: "Fake Blood"

Review: Why am I not surprised that Chester chases the ice cream truck ALL OVER TOWN? But lol he didn't know there was ice cream in there. .___. Poor Chester.


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