the usagi incidents


That 70's Show 165 (S7 E12)

[screencaps pending]

Summary: Jackie's doubts of a future with Hyde come to the breaking point, and she decides to go along with a misunderstanding and pretend to be Donna, engaged to Fez, who she calls Prince Edwardo. She drags Fez to parties, enjoying the pre-marriage life, until she is caught in the act. Meanwhile, Hyde is bothered by Angie's relationship with Kelso, so Eric steps in to help split them up.

Review: Ahahaha yeah Prince Edwardo. That was awesome. "Humiliating Whackadoo." And drunk Kitty. And jealous Hyde. GOOD STUFF, guys. The confrontation with Jackie and Hyde was like emotional porn. u_u At least we know they get back together later.


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